PaperCut Quota

PaperCut Quota 6.3

PaperCut Quota is a one-stop solution for implementing a user-pays system
6.3 (See all)

PaperCut Quota is a print and Internet charging, quota and/or monitoring system for Windows networks. It was initially developed to meet the need in schools to minimize waste and promote the responsible use of IT resources. It also has numerous applications within the corporate environment where there is a need to assign costs to projects, departments, or just simply monitor usage.
A feature added to PaperCut in 2001 was Internet charging. This feature allows you to charge your users for Internet usage using the same user database as used for your printer charging/quota. With the introduction of integrated printing and Internet charging, PaperCut is the simplest way to take control of the costs associated with a typical Windows network. You may
not need to “charge” your users, often just implementing a sensible quota or making users aware that they are being monitored is enough to reduce costs.

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